12 Pregnancy-Fashion Tips from the Experts


One of the most highlighted stages of a woman’s life is pregnancy. During this period, the body experiences physical change and needs lenient and relaxed clothing. But are you knowledgeable enough about the apparels you need? If not, here are some tips that will help you in selecting what to wear.

Buy Garments that are Needed

Remember that you only carry a baby for 9 months and your body differs its size each month. So, consider buying affordable and enough garments that you can use over and over again.

Choosing Clothes That Grows with You

Buy stretchable attires that are good for years whatever size you’re in, something you can still use even after giving birth.

Raid your Family’s Closet

Search for garments inside your husband’s or your parents’ closet to look for oversized ones that you think you can use without making you out of style. Borrowing instead of shopping makes you save money and time too.

Hacks for Hiding Your Bump

Some women want to hide their bumps for personal reasons. Using loose tops, sweaters, and blazers will help you cover up the obvious bump.

Choosing Your Footwear

Since feet become easily hot during pregnancy, select flat footwears that are breathable to use to keep your feet cool and relaxed. 

Your Pieces for Work

Buy garments that matches the style you want to adapt throughout your pregnancy. Consistency can help you maintain your style throughout your pregnancy period.

Your own bespoke collection

At around your 7th or 8th month of pregnancy, minimize your choices to about 30 pieces of clothing to save you from rummaging through an array of clothes that makes you guessing whether they still fit or not.

The Maternity Belt

Using a maternity belt is significant too. It prevents strain on your spine and corrects your posture during pregnancy.

Rent Clothes for Special Events

Special events sometimes happen during the pregnancy period. But this doesn’t mean that you have to buy new outfits. Do not be hesitant to rent since you will just use them one time.

Take a Break from Regular Jeans

Using maternity jeans will make you more relaxed than using regular jeans. They are stretchable and can be worn easily.

Keep Your Stuff

After giving birth, you’re not yet done with wearing your maternity attires. It will take six months to get back in your old figure, so you still have to use them. And once you’re back, consider keeping your maternity attires just in case you’re ready to give birth again in the future.

Be Practical

Some first-time moms realize that being comfortable in what you wear is what really matters, that’s why some stick to the style they discovered during pregnancy even after giving birth. Likewise, buy only the garments that you really need in order to prevent yourself from unnecessary purchases, especially now that you have a growing family.