Top 3 Fitness Programs That You Must not Miss in 2019


It is very risking to run your own fitness program. If you follow an untested routine, you may just end up lying in the hospital bed. 

If you are really determined to become healthier this year, make sure you enroll in a legit fitness course. Take a look at the following ‘tried and tested’ fitness programs and select the best for you.

  1. BBG Course.
    This program was developed by Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines. Basically, all the BBG routines are geared to enhance your cardiovascular endurance. No need for you to visit the gym daily if you enroll to this program; however, you need to secure some equipment if you want to do this at home. So, better purchase a pair of dumbbells, flat benches, jump ropes, and medicine balls now. You also need to pay $50 for the e-book guide and another $20/ month for the app membership if you want to avail this program.
  2. Insanity Program.
    This course spans for 60 days and includes a battery of intense cardiovascular activities. According to the Beachbody, the program’s creator, anybody could try Insanity. They did not require a certain weight or age limit; thus, anybody who is open for ‘insanely’ strenuous cardio routines are very much welcome. If you choose this program, you need to prepare $120 for the complete DVD tutorials. 
  3. Core De Force.
    This fitness course is suited for martial arts enthusiasts. This program lasts for 30 days and provides all-in cardiovascular training, including Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing. Once you are enrolled in this fitness course, there’s no need for you to go out and visit the gym daily. You can do all the Core De Force routines at home. You just have to buy the program’s comprehensive DVD guide worth $60, and you can do all the exercises at the comfort of your schedule.